Thursday, August 8, 2013


Jeff and I have never taken a beach vacation together. With our anniversary being in December we usually go snow skiing, to a cabin, or let's face nothing since we're still recovering from the busy Christmas season. At 11 years we decided it was time to celebrate at the beach. A few weeks ago we headed to Pensacola Beach in Florida. 

When we drove up to our hotel we saw this... :)

We splurged on a hotel right on the beach and got a wonderful surprise when they offered to upgrade us to the penthouse suite for free. We had to use a key card just to get up to the 8th floor. We felt spoiled. The tub was HUGE!

Both the living room and bedroom had french doors that opened up to the sound of the ocean and this amazing view...

I loved this vacation because of all the trips we've taken together this was the most relaxing. We had no agenda other than to relax, no schedule to keep, and the only thing to go "see" was the beach. It was perfect. Each day we took a stack of books and magazines to the beach to read and relax. 

When we'd get too hot we would wade in the water, go for a walk, build a sand castle, or just go back to the room and nap.



Or Jeff would practice his "Baywatch run." :)

One day we rented boogie boards and had so much fun doing that. I'd find a big wave and just jump on. He would wade out to find a unique shallow spot in the middle, wait patiently for the right size wave, approach the wave at a certain angle, and ride it all the way to the shore, grinning the whole way. I got in more runs but he was much more successful and much more fun to watch.

We tried snorkeling at a reef but due to the weather the week before (and not being the Caribbean) the water was too cloudy to see anything. We enjoyed laughing at how we looked, how painful the goggles were to put on, and the brevity of our snorkeling "adventure" we'd been so excited about.

We'd nap in the afternoon and then go eat an early dinner before the crowds hit. My favorite restaurant was Peg Leg Pete's. 

After dinner we'd head back to the beach while it was empty, enjoy the quiet and watch the sun go down. 


On one of these nights, a woman walked up to us with a camera bigger than mine and offered to take our picture on the beach. She said she was a photographer and was happy to take a bunch of us with my camera. She asked us to look at each other, kiss, etc. I thought it was really sweet but a little awkward.

 I've always said that if I could choose between the mountains or the beach I'd choose mountains. This vacation might have changed my mind. I love the adventures that Jeff and I have in the mountains hiking and camping. But I loved how relaxing this trip was. I feel grateful that after 11 years I still love just being around this guy and spending time with him.

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Bekki said...

You two are adorable!!!!!!!! I LOVE the snorkel goggle pic!
Happy 11th! :)

Sarah and Eric said...

Looks like a wonderful, relaxing trip! Happy early anniversary!

Lora said...

So glad you guys were able to enjoy some relaxing time together!